Double Spiral Brush

The “Perfect” Double Spiral Brush for straight tubes with light to medium scale

single spiral brush

Single Spiral Brush

For the removal of light scale in straight tubes.







 The original sprung loaded toolhead, proven for its long life in removing hard scale from evaporator, smoke and juice heater tubes


Large cutters which have a floating inner diameter allow for centrifugal force to penetrate scale. Use where scale is thicker and softer. Also available as combinations with blockage tools,extensions and brushes as well as in banks of up to four rows Size range 30mm to 175mm ID tube


For the removal of medium to heavy duty scale commonly found in boiler tubes, juice heaters and vacuum pans

WBA Brushes are designed with dual directional fittings, this tool can be combined with Toolheads to offer clearing and polishing operations in evaporator tubes.


Triple rows of cutters for gradual removal of thick hard scale. All cutters and spindles are replaceable.

Specially designed tools are available for specific tube sizes or applications. SIze range 30mm to 175mm ID tube